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Personalized care goes beyond a compound for our pharmacists.

Personalized care goes beyond a compound for our pharmacists.In the fast-paced world of modern medicine, it's all too easy to feel like just another number. Patients often complain about the lack of personalized care they receive, with doctors and pharmacists prioritizing speed and efficiency over individual needs. However, some pharmacists genuinely care and prioritize personalized […]

What is a “Compounding Pharmacy”?

A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy that specializes in compounding medications..we make stuff up from scratch!

Compound Solutions for Feet!

Your feet take a pounding every day, literally. It’s essential to care for those aches, pains, nicks, scratches or infections as they arise but unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution.

What is Pharmacogenomics and Why Are We Talking About It?

Ever wonder why acetaminophen never works for you, but your spouse touts it as the best for their headaches?

Bio-Identical Hormones: Progesterone and Estrogen

Hormones regulate various biological activities, including growth, development, reproduction, energy use and storage, and water and electrolyte balance. They are molecules that act as chemical messengers in the body's endocrine system. Hormones are produced by specific organs and glands and are secreted into the blood or other bodily fluids. Most hormones are carried by the circulatory system to different areas, influencing particular cells and organs. ProgesteroneProgesterone is a steroid […]

Pain Is Inevitable. Suffering Doesn’t Have to Be.

Pain is the most common symptom for which people seek medical help. Acute pain (short-term pain) can quickly turn into chronic pain (long-term pain), which can be challenging to treat.  Managing this pain effectively is crucial because even when the underlying disease is stable if someone is experiencing uncontrolled pain, it keeps them from working, enjoying […]

Healthy Skin Year Round

We love skin. It is such an important marker of your overall health, and as compounders, we work with many dermatologists and physicians to support healthy skin.Your skin is the window to your gastrointestinal, hormonal and nutritional health. Being the largest organ in the body, it has some significant responsibilities.Elimination and detoxifyingMaking vitamin DProtecting our body […]

LDN – a potential Game Changer for Colitis or Crohn’s Disease

The month of November has been observed across Canada as Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Month and we want to do our part to raise awareness and educate the public about a new promising treatment option for Crohn’s and Colitis.Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is a drug that can provide therapeutic benefits for many chronic conditions. LDN […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory disease that can affect multiple joints in the body. RA is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system—which usually functions to protect us against infections—mistakenly attacks the lining of the joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis is most often associated with chronic inflammation. This inflammation in the joints causes pain, stiffness and […]

I am way past my teens, yet I still have acne?

Yup. Acne can continue well into adulthood (the '40s and beyond) and have severe consequences, especially for women.A recent U.S. study examined "the lived experience" of acne and its treatment among a cohort of adult women with moderate to severe acne. Women consistently described acne-related concerns about their appearance, which affected their social, personal and professional […]

Compounding Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

First, what is Naltrexone?Naltrexone is a drug that was approved in 1997 by Health Canada (1984 by the FDA in the US) in a 50mg dose for the purpose of reducing the euphoric effects of alcohol. Naltrexone not only helps patients achieve abstinence, but it is also a very competitive antagonist of opioid receptors thus having the ability to rescue […]

What Are The Benefits of Compounding?

A one-size-fits-all approach to medications doesn’t always work, and this is where we can help!Sometimes you need a prescription tailored to your personal health needs. Perhaps you need a different form of the medication or have an allergy to an ingredient in the standard formulation. That’s where compounding comes in. A compounding pharmacy gives you options […]

What is custom compounding & what does it do for me?

Custom compounding is the art and science of curating prescriptions to better work with specific allergies, dietary restrictions, or personal preferences.

Managing Sore Nipples from Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a magical and natural joy of being a mother. It offers a special bond between mother and baby.

Does my heart rate change during sleep?

Sleep represents an uninterrupted, unconscious resting time for your body and mind.

What is a “Compounding Pharmacy”?

For a patient, the ease of going to a pharmacy in a store where you do other shopping can’t be beaten for convenience. That’s where regular retail pharmacies can shine, but sometimes they do not have all the medication answers.  Here at Dispensaries Ltd, as a compounding pharmacy, we partner with physicians, specialists and sometimes […]