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We have a new look, but still provide the same great service since 1934, with six locations throughout the greater Edmonton area to assist you with your healthcare needs.

We specialize in customized medication, but also fill traditional prescriptions. Visit a Dispensaries pharmacy today and we’ll help you get a head start with your healthcare goals.


During the COVID pandemic, in order to reduce the number of people entering our pharmacies, we will be offering FREE DELIVERY of prescriptions in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Let's keep a safe community together.



We can now accept appointments for COVID vaccine at the following locations:

  • First Edmonton Place (Moderna Vaccine)
  • Cedar Park (Astra Zeneca)
  • West Block (Astra Zeneca)

Please call location for details OR book directly on our Dispensaries Ltd APP

Prior to your scheduled appointment please print the Consent of Administration Form and bring the completed form with you.

Introducing Dr. Chi Hung La, ND, BSc. (Hons.)


We know him as Dr. Chi and he is now accepting new patients at our West Block location.

In 2002, Dr. Chi Hung La received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Upon completion of his post-secondary schooling, Dr. Chi attended four years of intensive training in the field of Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Chi is registered with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).

Dr. Chi currently holds a multidisciplinary practice and has a special interest in these areas of health concerns:

  • Skin health disorders
  • Neuro-endocrine/STRESS related concerns
  • Gastrointestinal dysfunctions
  • Muscle/Joint pain management and sport-related injuries

He utilizes Applied Kinesiology (AK) testing method and different Naturopathic modalities to support his patients back to balanced health. Common modalities used by Dr. Chi are clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine (herbal formulas and constitutional acupuncture), sports medicine, homeopathy, and botanical medicine.

Contact our new location at West Block for information and booking:  780-489-3822


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Capsules Now Made with Natural Ingredients

At Dispensaries Ltd., our patients are always the number one priority.

We are excited to announce we are now using vegetable capsules, which are lactose-free with rice flour as a filler. We have also introduced natural coloring agents, such as yellow cumin, orange paprika, and green chlorophyll.

Please speak with one of our pharmacy staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding our improved method for creating capsules.




We have been informed that there is a drug shortage of desiccated Thyroid once again. We currently have plenty of commercially available desiccated Thyroid 30mg and 60mg through our own warehouse purchasing directly from the sole manufacturer, Erfa. 

Should this stock run out, we are preparing for a compounding alternative for patients. 

For more information, please call your nearest Dispensaries and speak with one of our pharmacists.


  • Propylthiouracil
  • Clomiphene
  • Progesterone Suppositories/Troches

What Our Clients Say

One of our patients shares their story about how BHRT treatments changed their life:

This last August I somehow was infected with viral meningitis which put me in the hospital with multiple seizures and what eventually turned into severe encephalitis. This has caused me to incur what I was told to be permanent brain damage mostly to my temporal lobe. From this I have had severe memory loss issues hence always phoning your clinic lately  ;)  I almost died more than once from what I was told, even my heart was failing as the virus was so overwhelming. I now am being treated with anti-seizure medications which are a nightmare to deal with from all the side effects, and meds constantly changing to find a good fit with the least amount of issues.

In the hospital I was treated as and even called a "steroid user" and was told that I had to go off all meds while I was there, which was over a month if I remember correctly (time in hospital and time on picc line IV)... this was a nightmare as I am sure you can imagine and I ended up losing over 30lbs from the combination of sickness and stopping my meds cold turkey. When I was finally able to get back on my replacement therapy when I returned home and I no longer had a picc line in, my mood and other side effects started to stabilized and I felt like myself again! I was already eager to get back into the gym, eating healthy again and just being able to function like I was for the most part! 

I have spoken to a couple different neurologists over the course of this and one was shocked I could even hold a conversation with him! He said from what he saw in my file he was surprised I could even dress or feed myself and thought I would have been placed in homecare... Both of them always said, you must have been really healthy prior as this could have killed any older person or unhealthy person. Even my heart bounced back at a rapid rate to normal within days! Every day at the hospital when I was walking around they would comment "why are you still here, you look great"

From all of this I can only come to the conclusion that TRT saved my life and the one neurologist even came around and agreed to this being a possibility! Prior to your clinic treating me I had no motivation, brain fog and struggled to want to do anything. Your treatment gave me a better life in which I was able to push myself to exercise frequently, eat healthier and thrive in my own personal businesses, lets not forget also having a happier wife! For the years prior to this sickness hitting me and being in your treatment, I changed my entire body to be the healthiest it has ever been and when that freak sickness hit, I don't think it new who it was messing with! lol.

As you know, doctors can be quite frustrating and even demoralizing when it comes to bringing up my TRT treatment. However every time I called your clinic, which because of my terrible memory was frequent lately and I do apologize for that, you have been nothing but amazingly patient, caring and understanding. Not to mention extremely helpful! I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me and what you have done to change and literally save my life!

Me and my wife would like to send a thank you to the entire BHRT department over at Sherwood park, Dr. Lasner for his excellent treatment and that super sweet lady at the pharmacy beside you! She took a lot of time researching all my meds for me and has been another light at the end of this sickness tunnel! I have my yearly follow up coming soon or at least once these new seizure meds are all tapered to the right dosage, and I can honestly say that this is a Dr. appointment that I actually look forward to for a change.

- Logan

A patient shares her success story about how a formula from our pharmacy healed their scars:

I visited the Cedars Park location to pick up my monthly bottle of magnesium — as a CrossFit athlete I need that supplement to aid my recovery and they have the high end nutraceuticals I prefer to take. I spoke with Darrin and showed him the wounds on my hands from ripping my palms on the bar during the gymnastics part of my workouts and asked if there was a solution for the scarring. Without hesitation, he suggested Praca-Sil Plus. I put it on my scars after the wounds closed up and a few days later the scars were gone! It's like nothing even happened. I also have some scaring on my face from acne and thought I'd put some on the spots — worked like a charm! I'd like to thank Darrin and his team for the solution to my problem and for always staying on top of the latest products!

- Chelsey

A patient shares her experience with our Meadowlark location:

Marc, the pharmacist, is fantastic as well as the rest of the staff at this Dispensaries location. Definitely above reproach! I have to go here due to needed compounded medication and it's been a great experience. They even deliver! (I haven't had a chance to use this service, but how awesome is that?) Any questions I have are answered right away and Marc makes everything super easy to understand. Highly recommend!

- Carmen