Darrin Berlin

, Accreditations
Owner, Pharmacist (Lic #3587) at Dispensaries Ltd.
Injection Certified
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Lic #3587

Graduated in 1982 UofA and Worked in Fort Mcleod for 3 years after graduation before moving back to Edmonton.  Worked at Gold Bar Drugs for  6months before starting with Dispensaries.  Was a floater from 1987 until Nov. 1989 when I opened up Cedars.  Met Cathy at the Links  Clinic on my first day with the company and married her in  1989. Became a partner in 1998 and senior partner in 2015.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Fly.  Be able to travel more without much loss of time.

Favorite movie:

Rocky Horror Picture Show-fun times in University.

Comfort food:

Pyrogies.  I seldom eat them because try to be gluten-free.

Bucket List Items:

Travel...anywhere and grandchildren.

Favorite toy as a child:

Bike.  I was able to get around easier.

Most beautiful place visited:

Lake Lucarno Switzerland.

Song/jingle completely memorized:

American Pie-Don McLean.

Guilty pleasure:

Plain potato chips.

Favorite Karaoke song:

Can't sing thus avoid Kareoke-  Would do Paradise by the Dashboard Light.