Darrin Berlin

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Owner, Pharmacist (Lic #3587) at Dispensaries Ltd. ,
Injection Certified
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Lic #7081

Graduated from the University of Alberta, BSc in Pharmacology with distinction and later to Pharmacy

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Flawless precognition - to possess absolute knowledge and brilliant insight into the future, with no mistakes.

Favorite movie:


Comfort food:


Bucket List Items:

1. Appear on Jeopardy

2. See the Grand Canyon

3. Sky Dive off the Pacific Coast

Favourite toy as a child:

Super Nintendo

Most beautiful place visited:

Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto

Song/jingle completely memorized:

The Paw Patrol theme song.

Guilty pleasure:

Going down the YouTube rabbit hole