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Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

Our customized bio-identical hormone preparations meet the unique requirements of each individual. With a physician's or clinician's prescription, options can be chosen regarding the specific hormones required, the strength, dosage form, and the most suitable route for administration.

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement?

Bio-identical hormones are derived from wild yam extract through a process done in a lab to reach the end product. The base structure, diosgenin, is similar to human progesterone. Progesterone is the mother hormone from which DHEA, cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone are usually derived. That means with minor modification in the lab; we can attain these molecules from the original progesterone molecule that our body perceives as its hormone. Research has shown that Bio-identical hormones are safer than conventional hormones.

​The Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Bio-identical hormone replacement provides many benefits and treats hot flashes, irritability, and vaginal dryness. These compounded therapies have a significant positive effect on ageing skin and wrinkles. If hormone replacement therapy is the drug(s) of choice by your healthcare provider, then Bio-identical Hormones Replacement should be the choice.

​If you are suffering from hormonal changes and looking for a custom compounded hormone replacement cream to treat your symptoms, call us and speak with one of our compounding pharmacists.

(BHRT clinic we work with).


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