Compounding 101

At one point in time all forms of medicine were compounded. Over time, the demand for prescriptions drugs grew and pharmacists turned to manufacturing, but compounding had already become an integral part of pharmacy and still is today. There are times when a patient needs a custom prescription not provided by the manufacturer — this is when compounding pharmacists step in.

Examples of when a patient needs a custom prescription:

  • Allergic or sensitive to ingredients in the manufacturer’s medication
  • Difficulty swallowing pills or taking any medication
  • Dislike the taste of the medication
  • Patient requires a different dose than what the manufacturer provides
  • Children, who in general dislike taking medication

Manufacturers often create medication as “one-size-fits-all;” unfortunately, this doesn’t meet every individual's needs. The solution for these challenges is compounding, which involves creating a prescription from scratch.

At Dispensaries, our pharmacists work closely with the prescriber and patient to meet the needs of each individual. We can compound creams, capsules, suspensions, injections, gummies, chocolates, eye drops and nasal sprays. As your problem-solving pharmacists, we can compound a drug tailored specifically to your needs.

Examples of compounds available at Dispensaries:

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)
  • Pain relievers, such as creams or ointments
  • Dermatological creams
  • Liquids for children or adults not being able to swallow tablets or capsules
  • Medication that is no longer manufactured or is temporarily not available
  • Medication in which a patient needs a certain dose not available from the manufacturer

All of our locations specialize in compounding.  Visit our locations page to find the nearest pharmacy.


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