Introducing Homeopathy at West Block Location


Introducing Elisabeth Scholtz, Pure Homeopath.

Now booking appointments at our West Block location, call the store for details at 780-489-3822.

Elisabeth was born in Edmonton to German/Austrian parents. She earned her undergraduate from the University of Alberta and moved to Vienna to continue her musical studies. Upon returning to Canada, Elisabeth established a private teaching studio and accompanied (ahem! collaborated) with both students and colleagues before returning to school. Accepted into the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy in September 2011 and graduated in 2016. 

Her focus is on those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired, individuals with challenging and advanced illnesses, individuals who desire acute care, and parents who are concerned about their children.

What makes her different from other homeopaths? 

  1. She works a highly comprehensive case; no corners are cut. 
  2. There is no speculation as to the nature of your illness. Of interest is how you are experiencing your illness. How your neighbour, your spouse, or your boss is experiencing their illness is irrelevant. I deal with facts, not fiction.  
  3. Her approach is one of honesty, and she is open about her strengths and limitations. Elisabeth will work in collaboration with other health care professionals if required.


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