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Why 10,000 Steps?

Walking is one of the simplest and most accessible forms of physical activity, and it can bring a wide range of health benefits.

It’s Walking. Can It Really Help Me?

If your goal is to trim down then yes, walking 20 minutes a day can be a healthy addition to a healthy weight loss plan. Adding walking to a reduced-calorie diet, will increase the number of calories that you burn each day. Add all of those up each day and if there is a deficit then you […]


Our joints are very important; they connect bones to provide support and help us move.

What Is Heart Failure?

The name of this condition can be a little confusing. When you have heart failure, it doesn't mean your ticker stopped beating.

Just Move! How to Add Movement to Your Day

Sometimes, 30 minutes of exercise feels like too much for one day, but what if you did a few five- to 10-minute movement sessions throughout the day?

A researcher’s advice on stress

These are stressful times but handling it well can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.Dr. Norbert Schmitz Researcher and professor at McGill UniversityIt’s no secret that stress can damage your heart health. Sudden stress increases your short-term risk of heart attack; when it’s prolonged it can raise your blood pressure and cholesterol levels — […]

Exercise is medicine, and doctors are starting to prescribe it

Clinical research has established exercise as a safe and effective intervention to counteract the adverse physical and psychological effects of cancerWRITTEN BY SCOTT LEAR ON DECEMBER 10, 2018 FOR THE CONVERSATIONThere is a movement afoot (pun intended) to get more people exercising by involving their family doctors.In the United Kingdom, the government recently released Moving Medicine — an […]